An overnight stay in Positano!

An overnight stay in Positano!

July 30th – August 1st

Leaving Sorrento after picking up the hire car, Jamie and I began the famous drive along the Amalfi Coast to the glorified village of Positano. Driving the Amalfi Coast was a must-do for Jamie and I, who are big fans of a good roadtrip. Following our adventure along the Great Ocean Road I was keen to ensure we included the renowned drive along the notoriously romantic Amalfi Coast to our itinerary.

The charming coastal drive is strikingly beautiful, however the road is narrow and it was often quite terrifying passing other cars and small buses on the road with no space. My first TIP: Hire the smallest car you can or if visiting the Amalfi for a day, a scooter is probably a better option. The fastest you can drive along the Amalfi Coast highway during summer is 30mph, so there is no need to try and get anything fast or sporty. Although the drive was quite nerve-wracking, the sea views were incredible as we traveled the winding roads up and down the cliff sides.
I was pleasantly surprised by Positano. I expected it to be over-hyped and not as pretty as the millions of Instagram pictures that have turned this little village into a social media extravaganza. However I found it quite charming, definitely Bellisimo, and really enjoyed my overnight stay here.

What is there to do?

Not much other than eat, sleep, sunbathe and shop! Not that this is a bad thing when it is so pretty 🙂
Spend time wandering the town built into the cliffs, poping into the little boutique clothing shops and art galleries, enjoying an aperitivo in a lavish bar with picture-perfect views and eat at the delectable restaurants scatted around the village town, from the beaches to up high in the cliff faces.

How long to spend in Positano?

This little gem is perfect for a day trip or overnight stay or two. Of course you can use it as a base for exploring the rest of the Amalfi coast, however I would recommend Sorrento for that. There is not much to do once you have shopped and explored the beautiful streets and spent a day enjoying the famous Marina Grande beach (also called the Spiaggia Grande beach depending on which website you look at). I feel 2 nights would be more than enough just to spend in Positano itself before you will get itchy feet to explore further out.

Where to stay?

Due to the small size of Positano, most accommodation is in the form of B&B’s. Hotels are a little further away dotted along the Amalfi. I would highly recommend Villa Yiarra which cost £150 (£75pp) for a superior double room for 1 night; a little more expensive than I would have liked, however considering it is the cream of the crop of the Amalfi Coast along with Capri, we thought given it was the peak tourist season it wasn’t too bad a price to pay. It was certainly one of the least expensive but still highly rated properties that we found online when searching for accommodation.

My Experience

We arrived in Positano around mid-day. I had fortunately contacted our B&B Villa Yiarra a few days before to enquire about parking, and they quickly responsed to let me know there was a car park specifically for hotel guests at the end of the little road. Upon arriving we stepped out the car, got our luggage and handed the keys over to the Italian driver, that somehow managed to park the car in the tiniest space on a steep uphill stretch at an angle. Hats off the guys knew how to park with some skill there!

We walked the short distance to Villa Yiarra and was warmly greeted by the receptionist. The B&B was built inside the Cliff-side, and our room was beautiful. Considering everywhere in Positano is small on space, it was a lovely sized room with a fabulous big bed and a private terrace with wonderful views. The room and B&B had fresh lilies placed around which made the place smelly amazing. I am so glad we decided to stay here and would highly recommend it for an overnight stay! It was perfect walking distance to the town and beach.

After checking in we decided to go for a wander, find lunch and hit the beach for the afternoon. We came across ‘Saraceno d’ora’ ristorante bar pizzeria, which I highly recommend! Again not too expensive considering the location and the food was lovely. Continuing on down the Cliff-side along the pretty road, I breathed in a big salty breath of air. The place made me feel so happy covered in beautiful colourful flowers, incredible views in every direction and gorgeous whitewashed buildings lining the street, complimented with the colourful dwellings in the background leading down to the beach.

After a long walk down a narrow set of steps where we found a sign pointing us down to the ‘Spiaggia Grande’, we decided to pay the 15 euros per person and rented 2 sunbeds on the expansive black sanded and pebbled beach. Over the course of the afternoon we ate ice-cream and relaxed with a few dips in the sea until after the sun had disappeared behind the cliffs. Walking through the streets lined with the pretty shops back to the B&B to get ready for dinner, it was a day I won’t forget for being so tranquil and enjoyable.

We had dinner at a posh restaurant a short walk away from our accommodation. It was expensive for the food, however the views were incredible. It was romantic and exquisite, however in hindsight I wish we had gone somewhere with a little more generous sized portions, as we ended up grabbing some snacks from the shop nearby after dinner and filled up enjoying the views from our terrace.

The following morning we had a wonderful breakfast spread served at 10am on the terrace. It was by far the best breakfast we had in Italy and regretfully after a shower and little re-pack we checked out and collected the car at mid-day, ready to make our way onto our next stop for 2 nights!

I hope this has helped inspire you to include a stop off at Positano if you are visiting the Amalfi Coast 🙂

Next Stop – Ravello!

– TheSloanRanger x

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