Hello and a big Welcome to TheSloanRanger Blog! I’m Allie, and I have created this blog to help inspire travelers primarily of the flashpacker kind like myself get your butt out the office door and leave the Country. At the very least the County.

So sit back with a glass of wine (or a bottle, I don’t judge) and get comfy. You could be reading awhile 😉

So first things first; let me tell you a little about my story and how I got here.

At present I am 27 years young, living in London and bringing sass to the work office while awaiting my next assignment. I work as a PMO Analyst at an IT consultancy, and lucky for me they are pretty cool with me being a bit of a globetrotter, especially when it works in their favour 🙂

Admittedly I started on the travel band wagon a little late in the game at the ripe old age of 24 (not that old I know, but I certainly felt it at the full moon party in Koh Pha-Ngan surrounded by out-of-control 19-year-olds). I did not have the financial means to travel until more recent years compared to a lot of backpackers I met fresh out of high school/University, therefore I missed being able to travel on my gap year between A-levels and heading off to University to complete a 3-year degree, instead working full time at a camera store, affectionately known and remembered as Jessops. I owe my love of photography to working here, my Grandmother and my degree in Photography combined. After Graduating and bidding farewell to my Jessops life in July 2011, I went to work as a PA at a small IT company in London, and it was during this period I saved my ass off so I could fund a few months travelling abroad.

And so, two years on just after my 24th birthday, I packed my bags with 4k in my bank account, and off I went on my first long haul adventure around South East Asia for 3 months. And oh what an awe inspiring culture shock it twas!

Since then I have been fortunate enough to progress in my professional career, thus enabling me to save more and effectively spend it all again travelling. I admit I have gone from being a cash-strapped backpacker to a-bit of a guilty flashpacker. For those unfamiliar with the term, as the team over at the flashpack refer to it: Flashpackers represent a new breed of travel for a new generation of luxury adventure travellers. The definition is still evolving and you won’t find the word in a dictionary, however the words flash and backpacker used together speaks for itself.

From the Bruges Christmas markets to a hot summer in Australia, the glaciers of New Zealand to the golden sands of Fiji, travel is undoubtedly a wondrous thing that makes my soul sing. Now approaching 28 and having traveled pretty extensively (in my opinion), I thought it was about time I start collating all the handy info I have stored in this noggin of mine and put it to good use.
I will be filling up these pages with guidance and advice, records from my personal experiences and recommendations for the ideal itineraries in the places I have visited and loved, along with some pretty pictures. Look out for the TIPS as you go and heed them for a better experience.

Now take a sip of that wine and click any of the links on the right to start being inspired!

And remember for anyone reading this and having doubts, it doesn’t matter how old you are, what your personal circumstances might be, where you come from, how little money you have, or how unsure you are.. If I can do it, so can you. I promise you can make it work if you want it bad enough, even if that means saving hard for a few years- as with everything in life, there are no shortcuts to get something you really want; you have to choose to make it happen. No excuses 🙂

Ciao for now!

– TheSloanRanger x