2 days in Noosa

2 days in Noosa

15th-17th December 2015
2 night stay at Noosa Flashpackers

Oh Noosa. A charming natural landscape of crystalline beaches and tropical rainforests. A stylish town on the Sunshine coast, it boasts one of Australia’s most elegant shopping strips (Hastings street) along with designer boutiques, cool cafes, bustling bars and alfresco restaurants, has world-renowned white sand beaches and of course, the icing on the cake takes form in its famous National park. There isn’t anything not to love about this classy resort town!

Noosa Highlights

  • The National Park coastal walk
  • Hastings street – spend some time browsing the boutique shops and eating/drinking in one of the popular alfresco resturants or cafe’s
  • Farmers Market
  • Surfing

My Experience

I arrived in Noosa mid-afternoon, and the hostel rep from Noosa flashpackers (run by the same owner as Hervey bay flashpackers) picked me up from the Greyhound bus stop. After a short drive to reach the hostel, I checked in and went back for a mooch around town. It was quite a walk from the hostel to the center, so if you stay here I recommend getting the free rides offered by the hostel shuttle bus; just speak to reception and they will give you a timetable to help you out.

That evening the hostel put on an all-you-can-eat pizza night for $5 and I saw Pavel was staying here too, an Israeli acquaintance I had met on Fraser Island! (This happens a lot by the way; you are always bumping into people you’ve made friends with in other towns as you make your way around a country!) Through him I also met Karen (another Israeli and also my age) who was very friendly. After the pizza I headed out with them to another hostel bar that night to meet Karen’s friend for a few drinks. We ended up venturing all over town and walked along the beach boardwalk in search of a bar which tuned out to be non-existent. By the time we got back to the hostel it was past mid-night and we never did find our destination – but it was nonetheless still an enjoyable evening!

At this hostel I was staying in a 4-bed en suite dorm which was nice, clean and spacious. However I was woken up the following morning by another person’s alarm going off. The alarm was actually in said person’s locker, and by the time they woke up themselves and got in the locker to turn it off he had managed to wake the whole room up. What a pain! As it turned out the guy seemed genuinely sorry and at breakfast a little later we got chatting. He introduced himself as Jay, and was also from the UK. He seemed nice, and as he was heading to Brisbane next the same as me we made a quick plan to meet up and go to Lone Pine Sanctuary together a few days from now to see the koala bear’s 🙂 yay! I finally made a friend ha.

After breakfast I made my way to Sunshine beach where I met Pavel, and we started off on the Noosa National park walk!

The highlight of Noosa is undoubtedly its National park. Set aside 3-4 hours at a leisurely pace and do the pretty coastal walk – you’ll regret it if you don’t 🙂
We spent the morning walking the coastal track within the National Park, starting at sunshine beach and ending at the surf club at the southern end of Noosa’s main beach (continue past the Surf Club to join the pathway into Noosa National Park).

TIP – On the walk you may be able to spot dolphins or whales from the high viewpoints in the right season! By going this way after we finished the walk, we were able to walk back to Hastings Street and grab lunch here after, but I think more people tend to start the walk from this point and end at sunshine beach. Either way it’s good.
At the end of the walk (or beginning if starting at Noosa main beach) remember to look up and you will be very unlucky not to spot a wild koala bear or two in the trees – Noosa National Park is a favoured home of theirs.

After we completed the walk we had lunch and then Pavel left to return back to the hostel whilst I spent the afternoon at Hastings Street – the road that makes up the main town center. Noosa town center is super stylish and runs one street away from the gorgeous beach. Hastings Street is filled with trendy clothes shops, alfresco restaurants and has a chic cafe scene, which makes it a nice place to hang out for a few days. Beware Noosa is on the more expensive side of the budget than other areas of the east coast. I bought a new pair of sandals (mine had broken on Fraser island) and relaxed on the beach.

Noosa Main Beach! – Noosa is a world famous surfing destination (along with Byron bay), and Main Beach right in town is a favorite spot to surf the clean waves, and for beginners to get a surfing lesson or take out a paddle-board for a few hours. It is one of the only north-facing beaches on the east coast of Australia, and because it’s sheltered with gentle waves it makes for a family friendly beach. The water is clear at a nice temperature and the sand clean and soft. The boardwalk running along the beach is swept clean every day and as far as town beaches go, this is up there with the best – the type of beach Australia is famous for after-all!

The following day I spend the day wandering the town before leaving on the Greyhound bus at 3:45pm. The only thing which I feel I missed out on was the farmers Market which is usually on every Saturday, so check if this is on when you go and if it is take a meander over – I heard good things about it!

To conclude, I really liked Noosa, if you are looking for a nice place to get some R&R for a few days this is a great little beach town on the higher end of the luxury spectrum. However if you are used to being busy and the city life like me – after  a few days it is time to move on, as there is not that much to do here after some surfing, beach time and pretty walks.

I highly recommend stopping off here on your trip along the east coast, however I would advise a minimum stay of 3 nights instead of 2 if you are not restricted on time. However if you are, you can still get the highlights covered in 2 days/2 nights like I did 🙂

Next stop – Brisbane!

-TheSloanRanger x

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